Freedom works held a rally Saturday in Austin and almost nobody showed up. Featuring the ever bombastic Dan Patrick, the issue was increased money for charter and alternative non-public education , and was supposed to dog whistle the Tea Party faithful out in droves. It didn’t.  But if Dan Patrick is to be believe the fate of the nation hangs on “moral issue”..

Small crowd rallies for school choice at Capitol

"This is a battle line we have to draw in the sand. It is a moral issue, it is in the best interest of Texas and the best interest of America," said Sen. Dan Patrick, who chairs the Texas Senate‘s Education Committee. "Because the world is chaotic, they depend on America. And who does America depend on? America depends on Texas."

I have blogged on bad an idea this is here. I have only to add that the Legislature’s restoration of some of the funding cut in the last session for public education and its vote to keep public funding in public schools, I am hopeful that the damage done to public education will not get any worse this term. The House took this action:

Small crowd rallies for school choice at Capitol 

While passing its version of the state budget, the House overwhelmingly voted to keep public funding in public schools — potentially crippling the chances of any voucher plan, though that amendment can still be removed from the final version of the budget in conference committee.

I have been in deep despair over this issue for years. Is this a ray of hope?