The man who wants to put his stamp on Texas education by , apparently, eventually killing it is also the man who this past week cried over at-risk students success stories:

Lawmaker weeps as former school dropouts testify

The chairman of the state Senate Education Committee broke into tears Thursday as he promised to fight for dramatically expanded "school choice" in Texas…

The Tea Party-backed lawmaker became emotional as students told his committee of dropping out of school but then returning, thanks to charter schools and other facilities specializing in at-risk youth…

You have inspired me. I am going to fight for you and thousands like you," he said. "We are not going to let politics steal futures and dreams." [Patrick said]

I was not there, so I can’t speak to the authenticity of the tears. But the irony in that last statement is lost on Patrick. If he is some dedicated to the cause of at-risk students why has be been busy destroying public education? Does he honestly believe that the ONLY place that at risk kids can be helped is in alternative ones? Even if he thinks , and maybe rightfully so, they need something different,  why can’t public schools be given the resources to provide this something different. They have years of experience in helping kids, what makes a school being “non-public”  the magical additional feature that works miracles?


Maybe it is this Dan Patrick who is the problem:


Lawmaker weeps as former school dropouts testify

Patrick calls himself an "education evangelist" and suggested during a recent committee meeting that anyone who opposes expanding charter schools in Texas opposes students and families who weep when they try to attend charter schools but are waitlisted because demand outpaces existing supply.”

Dan Patrick the lone crusader, the prophet form Houston who alone has the interest of children at heart.


Or maybe it’s this Dan Patrick:


Young: There’s no business like Fox business

Listen to Dan Patrick destroy his guests. Try to get a word in edgewise; he’ll not only cut you off, he’ll slice you into cold cuts.

Patrick is a Houston radio talk-show host. To catch his act, however, you don’t have to give his AM ratings a bump, something I’ll not facilitate. Just catch his act as he cuts the legs off citizens at the Lege — the Texas Legislature.

I don’t know if on the radio he is the same samurai seen on a recent video. Surely not.

Surely if “goon” is one’s day job, one puts on different clothes before heading off to serve as a state senator, which Patrick is.

In a hearing on his bill to prevent school districts’ enlisting Planned Parenthood for sex education, Patrick, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, was beyond abrupt — unless someone came to agree with him.

See the video here:


So what are we to make of all this? What does it tell us about the pathology is Dan Patrick and education policy in Texas? It is this: self-righteous ideologues make lousy legislators. When you can weep honestly about the problem, but your solution is bounded by your ideology, YOU are the problem.